Srixon Soft Feel – Bola, color blanco

Srixon Soft Feel – Bola, color blanco

Descripción del producto
SUPER SOFT COREEngineered with a highly resilient super soft, 71 compression core formulation, whilst advanced new aerodynamics give golfers with moderate swing speeds exceptional distance and soft feel.IMPROVED COVERThe new improved Soft Feel 344 aero power dimple design delivers a penetrating trajectory with higher lift force, resulting in incredible carry and distance and superior stability. Now available in Pure WhiteTM and Tour Yellow for exceptional visual performance.344 DIMPLE PATTERNAdvanced 344 dimple pattern with maximum surface coverage reduces drag creating more distance.BENEFITS Now in Pure WhiteTM and Tour Yellow, the Srixon Soft Feel delivers exceptional visual performance. Designed to deliver golfers with moderate swing speeds a penetrating high trajectory for greater carry and distance. High launch angle and low spin deliver great directional stability whilst delivering superb soft feel on all shots from tee to green. Unique “Hit Straight” alignment arrow for greater accuracy on the green.

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  • Blanco puro para mejorar el rendimiento visual

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